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Note: When it comes to Patient Data Security, We at DrOrbis take this very seriously. We Do Not Sell or share your Patient data with any Third-parties.

Dr Orbis

Patient Management Software

Dr.Orbis is a robust dental patient management tool that helps dentists keep electronic medical records of their patients in a confidential, timely and meticulous manner. Built by dentists, Dr.Orbis is a pure solution of the pain points dentists in India face on a daily basis. A few features that distinctively sets Dr.Orbis apart from the other practice management tools in India are the visual dental management, real-time appointment scheduling, tooth by tooth history and analysis charts. If you’re looking at a patient management software for dentists, Dr.Orbis is your one stop shop. Now, dentists can have fun too(th).

The visual dental chart management is a graphic view of the patient’s teeth structure that helps dentists keep a track for each treatment for each tooth. Be it a filling, a bridge, a root canal or just a simple clean up, the visual unit makes dental patient management a breeze.

The appointment scheduling tool helps the clinic keep a tab on all appointments with either single or multiple doctors. It’s real time since every confirmation sends out an email and an SMS to the patients and doctors. Dr.Orbis understands the value of time and anxiety that comes with the waiting period before every treatment.

Marinating medical records may not be a mandate by the government at the moment in India but it’s soon going to be. Countries such as the USA and Australia use EMR tools such as Dr.Orbis to keep track on all records.

It's Simple!

DrOrbis makes patient management very easy and detailed.

It's Secure!

Your data is encrypted and stored in the cloud. Hence, you can be sure about it's safety.

It's Smart!

Keep track of your patient records in a smart way. Moreover, you can access your data from any device you want!