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DrOrbis is a Dental Clinic Management Software For Doctors which has been designed from the ground up, centering everything around the Dentist offering state of the art and user friendly patient management tool experience. Apart from managing their own records and billings, this can be used as an marketing experience to give to the patients. Dr.Orbis, the dental patient management tool has the ability to wow the patients with the visual representation of the patient’s treatment.

Apart from patient treatment, other vital aspects of dental management such as medical records, clinical accounting and billing have been given importance within this tool.

Dr.Arjun Panikar (MDS), the brain child of Dr.Orbis, created this tool keeping in mind the daily pain points he would face being a doctor and the owner of Smile Invent Dental Clinic in Bandra East, Mumbai, India. Apart from himself, he also got assistance from his colleagues and friends while developing this tool. He claims “Without the help of my friends from the field, I would not have been able to create this super dental patient management tool.” Apart from personnel within the industry, Mr.Dhaval Mehta, CTO and Partner at Dr.Orbis has had a pivotal role in the fruition of this tool. The latter has painstakingly but passionately developed the Dr.Orbis tool from the ground up.

The vision of Dr.Orbis is yet to be realised. It has a long way to go in terms of being the number one dental patient management tool and to re-define the dental industry with the help of the entire dental community in India.