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What do you get?

Dr Orbis is all about simplifying and easing out the lives of dentists. The word ‘Orbis’ means ‘awesome’ in Russian. As the name suggests, Dr. Orbis aims to provide a single stop solution for the dentist fraternity.

DrOrbis gives you a host of features - Dental charting, Appointment Scheduling, Patient Management, Medical Record keeping, Patient History Maintenance, Free Dental Clinic Website, etc all neatly combined into one dental software

The key features include:

  • Scheduling appointments, this helps keep a track of the appointments and aids the process of scheduling appointments digitally to avoid confusions or any missed appointments. This is done on a real time basis. With every appointment booked – there is an SMS confirmation sent out to both the patient and the doctor.
  • Dental charting, it’s a graphical display that assists doctors understand the dental health of each treatment for each tooth. This provides a base for the further corrective treatment.
  • Patient management, it keeps a track of the number of patients and their medical records highly confidential that can help in the diagnosis or treatment of the patients. You can access this data from any device!
  • Medical Record - maintaining patients medical records in a systematic and secure way.
  • Patient History Maintenance, a proper digital view of any treatment that has been done and the prescriptions for the patients to support the dentists and ease out the treatment. It also includes regular SMS alerts that will help as an important reminder.
  • Costs and payments are displayed on this software that is directly sent to the patient via an SMS

A click away from a combined solution software that’s awaiting installation. Great news - The first two months are free.