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India’s first robust and state of the art dental software comes with a host of benefits, even on pricing. Dr.Orbis, apart from being a one stop shop for dentists, is also considered as the most ‘value for money’ medical and billing software for dentists. Since it’s a online dental tool made for doctors by doctors, the nuances of the records and billing are developed keeping in mind the needs of doctors & Dentists, in particular. Here is a quick look at the pricing modules:

Upon signing up, the first 2 months are free. After 2 months, choose any payment plan.

This cloud based dental patient management tool for doctors is designed and developed by dentists who understand the value of time, medical records, billing and giving the best service to their patients. It’s a software that not only solves the needs of the patients in terms of medical records but also for the doctors and/clinics in terms of billing and management.

The usual medical, billing softwares available are typically costly since the one-time fee maybe lower but the add ons add up the pricing. With Dr.Orbis, the one-time fee is applicable across all plans, which makes it extremely easy for doctors to choose the payments plans and from the other plethora of softwares for dentists available on the market at the moment.